Dr. Maryam Shahidi
C E O of Hazrat-e Maryam Fertility Center

Our goal is to help you achieve your dreams.
We know that infertility is a deeply personal issue affecting all areas of a couple’s life. We are physicians, specialized staff and scientists who have dedicated our life's work to improve your chances of fertility. We understand the fears and uncertainties associated with infertility and will work with you to explore all your treatment options. Our continious communication and psychological support helps you to overcome each step in your treatment. Our skilled group and advanced equipment allows us to use the most modern and effective methods of infertility treatment to provide the best services to infertile couples.
Finally, At Hazrat-e Maryam fertility center, we work to make your dreams a reality. We believe that our combined years of experience and collective knowledge is the resource you need to start your own family.
Thank you for putting your trust in our care.
For a consultation about the different methods of treatment or the possibility of visiting our specialized centre, contact us.