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More and more people are seeking fertility treatments abroad each year because of the limitations, which are caused by cultural norms, local laws, high treatment costs, and failed attempts at their local clinics. Choosing where to receive the proper treatments is not just about giving themselves the best chance of success but about finances.

HMFC is one of the first established clinics in the Muslim world for infertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, PGD, gender selection, etc. The outcome of our patients' treatments in the field of assisted reproduction, exceptional patient care, and reasonable costs have made Hazrat-e Maryam Fertility Center (HMFC) an International destination for fertility tourism in recent years, which welcomes patients from across the globe.

We are located in Sari, on the southern coast of the Caspian Sea with a pleasant, moderate climate and beautiful natural landscape, which makes this region one of the most desirable vacation destinations in Iran. Our staff at the International Patients Department (IPD) is experienced in assisting patients and devoted to the well-being of patients to provide a stress-free environment and achieve the best results.  Consequently, patients receive top-quality fertility care from our specialists and medical staff and a relaxing vacation experience in a resort-like northern Iran. 

If you are planning on visiting our center, learn more about your stay by emailing our International Patient Department at international@ivfsari.com or contacting at number +989111511269 to help you in getting an entrance visa, travel to our center, and book your stay in hotels near our facilities that offer reduced rates for our patients. Our concierge services are at an affordable and competitive rate. 

For your convenience, we can work with your family Physician/Gynecologist to make this experience a more comfortable and stress-free journey. if you prefer to begin your cycle in your hometown, we will require you to contact your physician during your cycle. This is an unfamiliar process, which can sometimes seem overwhelming, so we strive to make this as smooth and successful as possible!

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Our welcome package consists of: Two or three city tours and transport from/to the local airport. Beside the local sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy historical attractions, religious...

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At Hazrat e Maryam Fertility Center we are dedicated to providing compassionate care for your comfort and peace of mind. We provide all the necessary services to make your journey in Iran ...

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You have chosen us and are coming a long way to our center to get help fulfilling your dream of having a baby. You deserve a professional and skilled team on your side along this way. ...

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