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Our welcome package consists of Two or three city tours. Besides the local sightseeing, visitors can also enjoy historical attractions, religious and holy shrines around the country. If interested, please contact our international coordinator. We are honored to be your travel partner in Iran and invite you to visit fascinating historical/pilgrimage cities of our country.



Notable are Famous Houses such as Kolbadi House and Amir Divan House (Ramedani House), Archeological sites including Hutto Cave (70th millennium BC), Kamarband Cave (70th-millennium BC); also the Resket Tower from the Quran era and the Farahabad Complex Place from the Safavid era. The restored 125-year-old Khaneh Kolbadi is reminiscent of an 18th-century Khan’s palace. Thick walls kept the lower floor warm in winter while the light, bright upper floor could be opened to through drafts for hot summers. Its Orosi windows (wood-framed puzzles of multicolored glass) supposedly disorientated mosquitoes.

The building is slated to become a museum incorporating the historic Vasir-e Hamam (bathhouse) behind it.

  • Hajj Mostafa Khan Mosque
  • The unusual Jameh Mosque has traditional Mazandarani tiled roofs but from the outside looks more like a medieval Italian prison.
  • Tomb of Yaha
  • Tomb of Zeinolabedin
  • Tomb of Abbas
  • The Clock Tower



In the central Province of Mazandaran, There are many things to see, ranging from natural to cultural attractions. Here are a few natural attractions: 

Safarood Public Forest is located 5 km on the road to Ramsar-Javaherdeh, in the beautiful forest regions of the Alborz mountain range and near the Safarood River. This forest has many recreational centers. Mineral Water Springs. Ramsar is quite famous for its mineral water springs.

Some of these are : Nei-Dasht cold mineral water spring another located 12 km south of Ramsar, in a valley near the Safarood River the warm mineral water springs located behind the guesthouse of Ramsar, under the bridge of Ramsar (on the eastern edge of the hotel) and Sadat-Shahr, Mas-Rash, and Tanijan warm mineral water springs in Jannat-Roodbar.

Waterfalls: There are numerous waterfalls in the mountainous regions of Ramsar which have created the most beautiful views. These include Dareh-Rashmeh on the northwestern road to Ramsar-Javaherdeh, Laj-o-Mij in Oshkoor, a hamlet near a village by the same name, etc.



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