Plan Your Visit For Gender Selection

First Visit

The best time for you to visit is the first day of your cycle. Your spouse must accompany you in this trip and you should carry all of your medical documents with you.

On the first day, you will be checked into the International Patient Department and accompanied by one of the IPD Nurses through your treatment steps.

Sperm can also be collected, analyzed and frozen. If the count and quality is at a level to our satisfaction, we will then proceed with the procedure. For the rest of the procedure, the presence of your spouse is no longer necessary and he can leave soon after.

Your Stimulation

The stimulation of your ovaries starts on the second day of your period and lasts approximately 12 days. During this time you will attend ultrasound scan controls (on the 6th and 9th day), in order to determine whether the dosage of the medicaments is optimal for you. Around day 15 of the stimulation, the egg retrieval from your ovaries will take place. On the same day, a sperm sample will be collected for fertilization (unless provided and frozen in previous visits). The cultivation of embryos lasts 3-5 days. You will be informed about the quality and development of the embryos.

Embryo Biopsy and Genetic Testing For Gender Selection

At the end of the IVF/ICSI treatment, right before the embryo transfer takes place, the embryos are subjected to an additional procedure, called Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). On the 3rd day of conception, when the embryos have 6 to 8 cells, a single cell is removed from the embryo for testing. This cell is broken open and put under a microscope for a geneticist to study, and using a test called FISH (fluorescent in situ hybridisation) the gender will be confirmed.

Embryo Transfer

Around day 20 of your cycle (counting from the first day of your period), the embryo transfer is completed. Currently 1-3 embryos are transferred in one attempt. The decision of the number of embryos to be transferred is made by our gynecologists and the embryologists.

Coming Back Home

"24-48 hours after the transfer you can return to your country of residence."

14 days after the embryo transfer, you will take a pregnancy test. If the test is positive, please continue taking prescribed medications until  week 10 of your pregnancy.

If the pregnancy test is negative, immediately discontinue taking prescribed medications.

Duration of stay in Sari

Your total stay in Sari will last for approximately 17 days if you undergo the whole cycle here. The ovarien stimulation starts from day 2 of your period, ultrasound scans will be carried out on day 6 and day 9. The egg retrieval takes place around day 12 of your stimulation period and embryo transfer will be after 3-5 days.

The male partner’s stay in Sari can be reduced to only two or three days.


IMPORTANT NOTE: All the dates, times, days and numbers given are an estimate as accurate as possible and may change due to unforeseen circumstances.




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